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Giuliano Gambini

Born in 1941, Dr. Gambini graduated in actuarial science and statistics. He had worked as an officer and sales agent for a large ceramic tile group and then, in 1978 with his wife Loredana they founded Elle-Gi, which was the very first company in which they operated.


1978 Elle-Gi was formed and became the first company of the group: this was the beginning of evolution of the Gambini Group.

6 Brands marketed by the Group:
Elle-Gi, Epoca, Tempra, Parefeuille Provance (Francia), Gambini Tile On Time, MEG (Francia).

79 The countries where the group of factories now sells their products throughout the world.

400 The group employees in their various factories, ,management, and sales teams in both Italy and France.

9.700.000 The square meters of tile annually produced and traded.

80.000.000€ The global sales.


A Group evolving

In 1989, Elle-Gi acquired Ceramiche Epoca which allowed them to grow up from a trading company to production company. As this was an opportunity to continue growing, in 1993 the Gambini Group sought additional opportunities over the Alps and the travels took the group to make the first investment with the Saint Gobain Parefeuille properties in Provence. In 1996 with they acquired the entire package of the Ceramiche Tempra in Prignano. At the same time the group was working on selling in new markets. In 2002 the brand Manifattura Emiliana was introduced to distribute higher end material which allowed them to focus on US market. Finally in 2004, the Gambini Group purchased the manufacturing facilities from Villeroy& Boch in France. Today this factory produces products in Oiry (MEG).

From a logistic standpoint,, the group acquired Ex Ceramica Emiliana in San Donnino di Liguria. This allowed the Group to create a centralized distribution point. The production has been further optimized in 2010 thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic plant covering the warehouse for total of 12500 sq.m.

Corporate culture and ambitions

The thrust and growth Gambini Group is orchestrated by the creativity and production knowledge of Giuliano in concert with his wife Loredana overseeing the administrative and financial responsibilities. This along with the assistance of their daughters helped to propel the group with expansion. Along with the Gambini family, the company’s employees have treated the company with the philosophy as if it was their own family’s business. These attributes helped everyone feel comfortable despite th fact that they are a large company.


The group’s leading expert on collaboration and service to the GDO has made great strides within France (where it covers 7% of the market) as well as German-speaking countries. Due to the group’s overall experience and knowledge recognizing client’s needs, the group has also succeeded on traditional customers and well in 79 countries worldwide.

Logistics Services

The Group is able to respond to requests of their customers needs thanks to special attention to analyze ongoing market developments. Courtesy, efficiency, and timeliness replies together with quality and service are the main assets that has allowed group to retain and grow its customer base worldwide. The group’s strategic locations of warehousing and production facilities has enabled them to become very competitive as well as to allow the group to offer immediate delivery of their products in their strongest markets which represent the most prominent of the group.

The group end the new technologies

A special attention to technological innovation, to the development of production machinery and an aware of a greener and greener future have led the group to create a photovoltaic plant and to install Colorjet machines for the digital print in the Italian and French factories producing porcelain stoneware.


Interview: about energy saving

A saving that could be worth one third of the electricity bills, even considering that the energy output would be limited to 3-4 months/year due to unfavorableweather conditions. How? By installing a photovoltaic plant. This is the decision taken by Giuliano Gambini, owner of the ceramic group bearing the same name, about one year ago.

An 80-million turnover, 400 employees in 4 factories, two of which in France. – Now, he is considering extending this experience also in other production units of his business. “We have two factories in France – Gambini explains – in Provence and in the Champagne area. Over there, we pay electricity half compared to Italy. That’s why we had to try and reduce supply costs anyhow. For years, like all other ceramic companies, we had installed systems to improve efficiency and recover heat in the factories; we had negotiated the best conditions with the suppliers, also joining the sector associations. But then, considering the high burden fo energy on production, we have decided to find other ways”.

Photovoltaic, precisely. Gambini’s plant has cost 3.8 million Euros and will guarantee the production of approx. 1.1 million kW/h, about one seventh of the total consumption in Modena factory. “But thanks to the state incentives the saving we are expecting to get by selling the energy we produce is significantly higher: one third of electricity bills.

I am very satisfied of my choice today and I think I can amortize the investment in less than 10 years approximately expected. Obviously, as the state contribution is scheduled to be re-defined, the investment profitability shall have to be re-assessed in the future”.


  Gambini Group S.p.A.
P.IVA 01451510356
C.Fiscale 01868920362
Capitale Sociale € 12.000.000 i.v.
R.E.A. e Nr. di iscrizione Reg.Imp. MO - 302909
Sede Legale e Uffici
Via Radici in piano,675
41049 Sassuolo (MO)
Tel. 0536 99 57 11
Fax 0536 90 50 42
Logistico (Emiliana)
Via Mulino,25
42013 S.Donnino di Liguria (RE)
Tel. 0522 848252
Fax. 0522 846665

Produzione (Tempra)
Vial Val Rossenna I° tronco nr.543
41048 Prignano sulla Secchia (MO)
Tel. 0536 897015
Fax. 0536 897018
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